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Chris Patraw

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Chris Patraw a tried and true lifer who never fails to deliver the most technical tricks the biggest way with total style.
Chris patraw hails from Sandiego CA,
Hey started skating at age ten in 2004.
Old 411 VM videos inspired Chris and friends' start
skating & attacking stairs and ledges.
Chris Patraw loves street skating!
He inspires Andrew reynolds A.K.A THE BOSS the best skater known in street and everything else.
When Chris was a little kid he saw Drew in old 411 VM videos.He loved his skating more than anything
he wanted to be just like drew someday...
2 years latter after he started skateboarding
he moved to a town called Englewood Fl'.
Every one there skates!
Everyone there calls Englewood, E-wood.
Chris moved there made alot of skate friends always skated in groups or by him self.
Even though he was really good skateboarder he couldnt really trust anyone in E-wood.
People would say stuff about you even youre friends would say stuff behind your back.
The only true and trustfully skater Chris could
trust was Tyler kulsar.One of Chris's Best Friends.
Tyler and chris always went skateboarding with each other always shot videos to get sponsored by a skate shop...They always stuck by each others side all-
the time and always well.
Later on Chris and Tyler became known.
He and Tyler would always go skate at North Port
Skate Park.Chris was a really good skater there.
Everyone liked his style and skateboarding.
Chris always v.s other skaters there in street he lost some contests but never gave up..His hand trick the pop-lip twist became an awesome hand trick known at that skate park he would always get major air with hand tricks he knew a bunch of them!
Only time can tell what will happen in the future with Chris Patraw.





This is the slipskateboards Team site!
The team is Chris Patraw,Tyler kulsar,and George...,
We are looking for good skaters who want to be apart of The slip family...
You can contact us at