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Tyler Kulsar

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A very well known skater on the
Slip Skate Team.
One of chris's best friend Tyler Kulsar
or known as TK.
TK is one of the skater's
who respect and deosnt lack down on work.
He is a photographer for slipskateboards.
And he is a Video Camera guy too for
His not just a photographer,or a video guy.
He is a skater who thinks of ideas and never stops thinking for new better and advance skate spots.
He is always on the move with Chris Patraw.
Another well known skater on slipskateboards.
Only the Future can tell us what will
happen to Tyler Kulsar.
Will something big happen to him or
will he be Famous with Slipskateboards till the end.
But time is always on the move with




This is the slipskateboards Team site!
The team is Chris Patraw,Tyler kulsar,and George...,
We are looking for good skaters who want to be apart of The slip family...
You can contact us at