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T'is the season ...while we all get caught up in the Christmas holiday remember that it is not what or how much we's the thought that counts.
My 9 year old was invited to a birthday party. The other day  he was with a group of friends, one said " I don't think that I can go because we don't have money to buy him a present." My son said, "Make him a card and if you have a toy that is special to you that you might think he would like give it to him and tell him it will be special to him too" Now, thats my boy.... but I know how children can be,  so I contacted the boys parents and offered to give them something from ONA to give to the birthday boy so that their son would not feel different or that he couldn't go to the party. They graciously accepted and I'm sure all will end well. But it's things like that....that make me realize what kind of world we live in and what kind of importance we give to gifts and possessions.
I hope that everyone has a happy, safe, and wonderful holiday and if you are like me...even one gift under the tree for each of my children is a blessing.

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Operation Not Alone


Operation Not Alone is sending out over 600 gift baskets/bags this year! Along with those to battered women & children, ONA is also helping needy families put an extra gift under the Christmas tree this  year. Things were off to a slow start but have come together nicely. There are still many ways you can help make this possible. For more information please visit the site at