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For Women

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Pamper yourself or someone special with these elegant baskets.

For Her #001 $24.99 (was $30.00)
Beautiful basket contains scented soaps, gells, lotion, loofah, sponge and more. A beautiful basket at an exceptional price.




For Her #003 $29.99 (was $40.00)
Basket contains all the essentials for her to pamper herself with. Scented soaps, gells, lotions,scented candles and more.



For Her # 002 $35.99 (was $50.00)
No matter what fragrance you choose this is a great gift. Basket will be decorated to represent your fragrance. Jasmine, peach, strawberry or lilac. Basket contains gells, scented soap, scented candles, stationary and more.


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